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Andrea Gingerich is a York, Pennsylvania artist and photographer with a background in environmental science.  Her artwork often portrays nature in a whimsical, abstract form with bright colors, linework and patterns.

All of her artwork is intuitive with no set plans in the creation process, which she finds to reduce stress and anxiety.

The artwork and photography in her diverse portfolio has been licensed over 120,000 times to an array of noteworthy clients including Rolling Stone, Forbes, Target, Travel Channel, Better Homes & Gardens, The Huffington Post, Scientific American, product packaging, billboards, authors and more.

Andrea enjoys being a maker more than a buyer to reduce her carbon footprint, save money and create something unique. Andrea is a caretaker for her 94-year-old grandfather from whom she has inherited her spirit of being prolific, adventurous and living each day as if it were her last. She believes in living several lifetimes' worth of experiences within one lifetime. These experiences have influenced her artwork and the person she has become. Andrea loves being outdoors, traveling, learning, and hanging out with her two guinea pigs.


You can see her work by visiting her studio on the second floor at HIVE artspace or on Instagram as @andipantz

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